Can I be a hermit?


my current mood

I’m only 4 days into my get healthy journey and I think that it would benefit me to just become a hermit during this time so that I can reach my goal. I’ve planned out all of my workouts and meal plans for each day in my journey. Unfortunately I’m not able to plan on my daily moods and my motivation levels. Which really can be a determining factor in whether of not I follow my plan. It’s only day 4 and I’ll already was invited to a birthday party and a great networking event luncheon, which neither really fit into my plan. I received bad news about a close family friend and now I have no desire to workout, but would rather lay in bed and watch Netflix. I just have to laugh because just a few days ago I had so much motivation, I couldn’t wait to start my plan and start working out and was so excited at all the possibilities, but now I can’t see past the tortilla chips in front of me.


It has become undeniably clear that my success in this journey completely rests on what I allow in my mind. This is going to be my biggest challenge every day and I have a feeling I’m going to become an expert at changing my attitude by the end of my journey. The bright side of this, is the I am the boss of my mind. My mind will focus on what I choose to focus on. I have the power, I just need to get better at redirecting my focus to my goals when things start to get off track. The problem is sometimes I hop onboard when my mind starts to wander and next thing you know I find myself mindlessly eating tortilla chips about to watch Netflix.

This physical transformation requires an entire paradigm shift which sounds a little scary when you put it like that, when all I wanted was to lose some weight. The reality is that our belief system is so engrained in us, that in order to change a handful of physical habits, we must go straight to the root (our belief system) and pull out the bad weeds or things that we tell ourselves that discourage us from our goals. We all are wired completely different so each of us has different beliefs about ourselves that hold us back. The trick is being brutally honest with yourselves when pinpointing them and being courageous enough to pull the weed no matter how long it has been there. The longer the weed has been there the harder it is to pull out.

You have to ask yourself: Are you thinking about what you think about?

You’ll be happy to know that I put the chips away and made myself get up and change into my workout gear. I made it to the gym and knocked out my leg day. It was a slow start but after almost two hours I changed my attitude enough to get me in the car. The goal going forward is cutting that time in half because this will happen again and I need to get quicker at changing my mindset in those moments. It’s a battle against my mind and I plan to win. Remember you’re in control of what you think about. What you think about produces action, good or bad. Let’s think about great things so that we will be great this year!


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